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    9 Foods You Should Never Buy Again

    Flashy packaging, great advertising or convenience are the reasons many of us buy certain foods. However, there are some foods you should never buy again because they may not be what you think.
    Foods You Should Never Buy Again

    Things aren’t always what they seem

    There are many times when in the grocery store our eyes and stomach win over our brains. Let’s face it, flashy packaging and good advertising help drive us to buy things that maybe we don’t need, want or should use. Most of the time that is harmless, other’s it might actually be bad in the long run. So that’s why I’ve put together a list of foods You should Never Buy Again. The reasons might surprise you, some may even shock you. With a drive to eat healthier and make better choices in our lives, crossing these foods off our grocery list may be the much needed step in the right direction many of us need.

    Reduced Fat Peanut Butter

     I remember when I was in my late teens early 20’s I lived on that stuff because fat is bad right? Wrong. Regular unsweetened peanut butter is actually healthier and processed faster by your body than Reduced Fat Peanut butter. This product is just a marketing gimmick to help all of us trying to cut fat. What you’re really getting a product high in sugar, which in excess turns to fat.

    “Blueberry” products

    As delicious as it may sound you’re not getting the real deal. So if you’re buying blueberry cereal, granola bars or muffins you’re probably getting sugar and food coloring formed into a blueberry. Instead buy your own blueberries and add them to your favorite foods. That is unless you like to eat science experiments 😀

    Trail Mix

     Pre made trail mix is super convenient to buy, but is it worth it? Well if you check the unit price you’ll find it costs about $10 a pound. Most of the time there’s something you really don’t want in your trail mix and end up picking it out. So easy solution? Make your own for much, much less with a 1-pound can of dry roasted peanuts, 1 cup of raisins, and a handful of almonds, dried fruit, and candy coated chocolate.  Best of all you can add more of or leave out products you don’t want. Put them in ziploc bags or reusable snack bags and you’ll be ready for when hunger strikes.

    Multi Grain Bread

     I remember taking a class in college on nutrition and was so surprised to find certain foods weren’t what they appeared.  We’re conditioned to think Whole Grain is better, so multi grain must be even more amazing right? Wrong! You’re really just getting a few grains mixed in with white bread.

    Wood Foods

     You heard right if you take a look at the ingredient list for your high-fiber cereal or snack bar, you’ll probably see an ingredient called “cellulose.” Cellulose is a code word for “wood pulp.” Food manufacturers use it to extend their products and add fiber, so it looks like you’re getting more food. But really you’re just left with a mouthful of wood shavings. So instead of turning into a termite, check your ingredients list before purchasing.


     This one has been a no brainier for me. It’s very high in mercury.  Instead check out fish that are smaller fish like tuna or halibut

    Gluten Free baked goods

    If you don’t have Celiac’s disease or Gluten Intolerance buying this is just a waste of money and you’re really not getting any nutritional benefits. You’re actually getting more empty calories and sugar. Sure it’s trendy to go gluten free but do it where it counts and not in products that will just give you empty calories.

    Powdered Tea

     It may sound convenient and sometimes tasty to make powdered tea. Especially when you grew up in the era of Kool-aid. However, powdered Tea is chocked full of sugar and artificial flavors that are less than ideal. Want a delicious glass of tea? You can make it using Tea bags for half the cost and sugar! There’s nothing more delicious than some sun tea or a pitcher of freshly brewed ice tea. You’ll just enjoy the delicious flavors and not worry about the unhealthy stuff in it.

    Microwave Popcorn

    I’m not going to lie, this one is a hard one. The convenience factor alone makes this food worth it. However, when you read what you get in microwave popcorn it isn’t good. First, you have a perfluorooctanoic acid-lined bag, synthetic butter flavor and other ingredients that transform a light snack into a junk food.Want the quick easy snack without the junk? Buy some raw popping corn and pop it with a splash of olive oil in a covered bowl in the microwave and voila you have a delicious fast snack.

    Many of these are convenient to buy and may be hard to get rid but getting rid of at least one will make a big difference in your pocket book and body. 

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