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gingerbread cloud dough

    Gingerbread Man Cloud Dough Sensory play activity

    The holidays are around the corner which means you’ll be seeing everything gingerbread, reindeers and fun. That’s why I love this Gingerbread Man Cloud Dough Sensory play activity. It’s a fantastic playdough your little one can play with for hours. Head below to learn how easy it is to make this fun sensory play fun! 

    Gingerbread man cloud doughGingerbread Man Cloud Dough 

    My little ones love sensory activities. One of their favorites is playing with playdough. This gingerbread man cloud dough has become one of their favorites because of how much fun and versatile it is. My 5 year old loves dressing his little friend up, while my 3 year old loves the squish fo the cloud dough. 

    I’ve made this a fun learning activity with them by including some fun books like the ones below:

    There are so much fun thing you can do to tie in gingerbread fun. You can make a fun gingerbread house with popsicle sticks

    Either way this is such a fun sensory activity for your kids. Not only will this fun holiday sensory activity be a great fine motor skills activity but fun sensory play for your younger ones 🙂

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