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    Homemade Kaleidoscope : How to make a Kaleidoscope

    Having the kids make their own Homemade Kaleidoscope is so much fun! It’s a throwback toy to my own childhood years and a great STEM activity, too!  This is an easy tutorial on how to make a Kaleidoscope.

    How to make a Homemade Kaleidoscope

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    We all have a lot of time on our hands right now. It’s amazing how creative many of us have gotten as parents. We’re looking for fun ways to keep our kids entertained and engaged. That’s why I love this activity, it’s a two parter : A fun activity that will keep your kids entertained for a while making it and a great lesson in Science. 

    A kaleidoscope creates beautiful images by using colored, translucent objects and reflective surfaces inside a long tube. It works when light waves enter the tube by first passing through colored objects and then are reflected inside the tube to create colorful patterns.

    I’ll be the first to admit that I couldn’t wait to make this activity with the kids. I mean, just look at it! It’s so much fun! There’s just something magical about peeking into a kaleidoscope and seeing all the colors. There are so many great lessons you can grab using a kaleidoscope

    So this homemade Kaleidoscope is such a fun project that your whole family will love from big to small they will get a kick out of making this! 

    While you could order one online or pick one up at the store, this is a great way to have some quality creative time with the kids that results in them having their very own homemade toy. 

    It just doesn’t get much better than that. It’s also fun to see how different the “views” will be from one another. Looking inside of the homemade kaleidoscopes will be fun because everyone you make will be different. 

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