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    How to make Playdough from Frosting – Edible Playdough 2 Ingredients!

    Kids love playdough. They especially love fun playdough and edible playdough because of how unique it is. Here’s one of my favorite edible playdough recipes everyone will love. Check out how to make Playdough from Frosting  an Edible Playdough  with only 2 Ingredients!

    how to make playdough from frosting

    Frosting playdough recipe

    I love sensory play. I especially have a huge spot of joy for making playdough out of pantry ingredients like peanut butter playdough , kool aid playdough, or even Marshmallow playdough!

    how to make playdough from frosting

    I love these kinds of recipes because in a world full of toxic chemicals it’s kind of nice to put together some sensory play fun without worrying if your 2 year old will stick it in his mouth….which he does…always. 

    Easy playdough recipe

    However, truth be told this is probably one of my favorite recipes of all time. It’s so crazy easy to make it puts my other easy recipes to shame. 


    I’ve made it a few times with my boys because of how easy it is and how much fun it brings. It also smells AMAZING!

    Best of all it lasted quite a while and was incredibly pliable. But you don’t have to take my word on this, read on to find out  

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