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Fall counting activity

    Candy Corn Counting : A Hands On Preschool Fall Math Activity

    Practice counting with your preschooler with these  fun Candy Corn Counting worksheets. This is  a Hands On Preschool Fall Math Activity that will help your preschooler learn while having fun with a fall themed hands on activity. 

    Candy Corn Counting

    Candy Corn Math : A Hands On Preschool Fall Math Activity

    This year I decided to do a little something different I’ve done before. I decided to go the homeschooling route for preschool with my 5.0.  I really hadn’t homeschooled in a while, and we’ve been busy.

    We’ve been taking art lessons, we’ve been learning our letters and doing a lot of crafts. Most important we’ve been having a lot of fun. Because his attention span is very short, I have to get creative with what we’ve been doing. 

    I even bought a reading program to help teach him to read. I’ll tell you how it goes, but so far so good.  

    When it comes to Math however, my daughter and I were surprised one day when we both realized he knew how to count to 10. Although it’s purely from rote memorization, he is still able to count items. 

    That’s why I came up with this fun activity.

    Because fall is so close I can feel it, and well we love candy corn, I knew this one would be a sure hit. 

    I was right. 

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