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    Unusual Epcot Experiences You Must Try in Disney World

    If your familiar with Epcot, you may be interested in doing something different. So, here are four unusual Epcot experiences, that you really must try.

    Unusual Epcot Experiences 

    Epcot is an amazing place to visit. You wouldn’t think so, but there is so much to do here, you
    could make several of your vacation days into Epcot days and never get bored. Unlike Magic
    Kingdom, which can be rushed through in a day, Epcot is meant to be savored. Even without
    the seasonal Festivals that Epcot is now known for, there is so much food to discover as you
    journey around this simple, but intricately designed theme park. If you’re fairly familiar with
    Epcot you may be interested in doing something a little different. So, here are four unusual
    Epcot experiences, that you really must try.

    Albatross Treasure Cruise

    The first experience is a type of cruise that departs from Crescent lake and actually goes into
    the World Showcase Lagoon. This experience is a kids only treasure hunt with Disney pirates.
    The young buccaneers get to wear bandanas as they sail to different ports of call and learn the
    legend of the Albatross Treasure. They’ll get clues to the whereabouts of the treasure chest
    and split the booty.
    All participants of this unusual Epcot experience need to be between 4 and 12 years for this two
    hour long morning event. The $39 adventure sets sail every day from 9:30-11:30.

    Behind the Seeds Tour

    This unusual Epcot experience is not expensive and it will enhance your Future World
    Experience. If you love the Land pavilion, you will love it so much more after taking the Behind
    the Seeds tour. The Living with the Land boat ride, is great, but it only skims the surface of
    what you can discover at this wonderful pavilion. On the tour, you will visit a fish farm and 4
    greenhouses to learn more about the plants and growing techniques.

    The tour lasts only an hour and is the perfect supplement to the Living with the Land attraction.
    Plus you get to take home a handout that will inspire you to make your own garden. The tour is
    $25 per adult and $20 per kid ages 3-9.

    Aqua Tour

    While you are going deeper into Epcot, why not submerge yourself in a 5.7 million gallon man-
    made ocean? By taking the Aqua Tour at The Seas with Nemo and Friends, you will get to
    explore the Caribbean Coral Reef with the aquatic animals that live there. Swim with rays, sea
    turtles, fish, even sharks.
    You do not have to be SCUBA certified to partake in unusual Epcot experiences like this one.
    However, there is a version of this for those who are and really want to dive in. This snorkeling
    experience provides an easy to use scuba assisted snorkel kit and lasts for a half hour once you
    are in the water. The whole tour is about 2.5 hours long and you don't even need a park ticket
    to take part.
    The experience includes a souvenir photo and a gift. The Aqua Tour is $145. You meet outside
    the gates of Epcot by Guest Relations. When the experience is over, they will let you out inside
    the park.

    Epcot Center

    DestiNations Discovered

    Last but certainly not least is DestiNations Discovered. This is a guided tour through arguably
    everybody’s favorite Epcot section, the World Showcase. Unusual Epcot experiences like this
    one are part of what makes this park so great. On the 5 hour walking tour you will get a 4,000
    year education as you explore 11 countries like never before.
    The in-depth tour takes guests to every world showcase pavilion with new insights to learn and
    discover. The tour also includes lunch at the Rose and Crown. The ticket price for this is $109,
    but a valid park admission is also required.

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