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Easy Christmas Craft for kids

    Santa Claus Spinner Craft : An Easy Christmas Craft For Kids

    This adorable Santa Claus Spinner Craft is an easy Christmas Craft for kids. It includes a Free Printable Template! This Santa Claus craft for kids  is a great way for your little ones to write what they want for Christmas. Santa Claus Spinner Craft

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    Santa Claus Spinner Class + Free Printable Template

    Christmas is right around the corner which means kids are going to begin making their Christmas lists. This is a fun activity to help them make it in a creative and fun way! There are so many ways to make this time of year special. From making Santa Belt Cupcakesto Reindeer cookies.

    The sky’s the limit to making Christmas time grand! All you have to do is add some treats, Christmas music and you get a wonderful afternoon! 

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