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Easter Story Craft

    Resurrection Easter Craft : A Printable Easter Story Craft

    Looking for a fun way to teach your kids about the Easter Story? Then check out this fun and easy Printable Easter Story craft that will explain the Resurrection to your little ones in an interactive way. Find out how to make this Resurrection Easter Craft

    Easter story Craft

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    Resurrection Easter Craft : A Printable Easter Story Craft

    As a Christian Easter is a big deal for our family. My older kids understand the importance of our beliefs but for little ones a lot of it doesn’t make sense. Easter Sunday is one of those tenants of the faith that can be confusing. That’s why I had the idea to put together this fun craft that would teach them all about the resurrection. Although it’s fun to include the Easter Bunny and all the Easter/ Spring Fun. It’s very important for Christians  to keep our focus on Jesus during Easter. 

    This craft allows that bridge for your kids.

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