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    6 Types of Preventive Home Maintenance that are a Must

    Keeping up with home maintenance is a must, the little things will catch up if you don’t. Here’s a list of 6 Types of Preventive Home Maintenance that are a Must.
    Keeping up with home maintenance is a must, the little things will catch up if you don't. Here's a list of 6 Types of Preventive Home Maintenance that are a Must.

    Taking the time to regularly inspect the infrastructure of your home and make tune-ups and minor repairs can greatly reduce the risk of catastrophic failures that cost a lot of time and money to fix. Many people think putting off home maintenance saves you money but in reality it can cost you a lot if anything really big breaks. Here are some important aspects of preventive home maintenance that can keep your house running smoothly all year long.

    1. Furnace Tune-Up

    Having your furnace go out during the middle of a cold snap can be extremely inconvenient and expensive to fix. Performing a DIY inspection of your furnace or scheduling a tune-up service from a professional technician can help prevent unexpected failures. You can make minor repairs and modifications to issues discovered during an inspection and set up your furnace for optimal, energy-efficient performance for the whole winter.

    2. Air Conditioning Inspection

    Like the furnace, the air conditioning part of your home’s HVAC system can also benefit from an annual inspection and tune-up service. Along with checking the equipment for problems, a technician can also make small changes to the operating parameters to help ensure ideal performance and efficiency.

    3. Minor Plumbing Repairs

    Do you have a faucet with a slow drip? While this sort of plumbing issue can be annoying, many people put off fixing these seemingly small problems. However, leaving plumbing problems unattended can allow them to escalate, potentially leading to significant issues such as burst pipes or sewage backup. Even small drips and leaks can waste a large amount of water over time, so fixing them sooner rather than later can help prevent an unusually large utility bill as well.

    4. Exterior Inspection and Power Washing

    Taking the time to clean your home’s exterior siding once a year can have many benefits. Not only can you dramatically improve the appearance, you can also make it easier to find and repair small issues, such as cracks, flaking paint, and warping in your home’s siding.

    5. Concrete Crack Repair

    Most homes have some sort of concrete work, whether as part of the foundation, basement floor, garage, driveway, or walkways. If your home has some concrete surfaces, it’s a good idea to inspect them a couple times a year to look for cracks or uneven areas. In some cases, small concrete cracks can be repaired. Larger cracks may require more significant replacement measures. Either way, examining concrete cracks is important so you can understand what is causing the issue and make repairs before significant problems occur.

    6. Roof Inspection and Repair

    You may not think about roofing repairs & maintenance unless you start noticing leaks when it rains or patches of missing shingles. However, scheduling an inspection with an experienced technician can help you discover potential problems, such as leaks, rot, and structural weaknesses early on. Finding these issues early usually makes it easier and less expensive to repair them and decreases the chance of needing to replace the roof entirely.

    Preventive inspection and maintenance of your home’s structural elements can help keep things running well and lower the risk of expensive problems. Checking your HVAC system, plumbing, and roof can be an essential part of maintaining your home in a cost-efficient way.