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    Twix Cookies : Unique Candybar Cookie Recipe!

    This recipe for Twix Cookies just might forever change your life. If you love that sweet combination of caramel and chocolate, you just might have found your new favorite cookie recipe right here! 

    Twix Cookies : Unique Candybar Cookie Recipe!

    I’ve forever been a fan of Twix candy bars. I love the layers of sweetness and the fact that once I finish off one, there’s another one just waiting for me to enjoy. But now that I have this awesome recipe perfected, it’s like having Twix treats at my disposal anytime I want them. 

    I see nothing wrong with having a homemade Twix dessert in each hand as I’m going about my day. The kids are also pretty obsessed with this simple Twix treat and I love sneaking a couple in their lunch boxes for school as well. 

    One of my favorite parts of these homemade cookies is that there is a huge amount of caramel right on top. Why skimp on one of the best ingredients if you don’t have to? 

    The other really awesome tip for these cookies is that they’re good straight from the freezer as well. Sometimes we have enough cookies leftover that I sneak some away for later and store them in the freezer to keep safe. 

    If you’re looking for a crazy good candy bar cookie recipe, you’re really going to be overjoyed with these! 

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