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    Leftover Candy Blondies: A Delicious Treat using leftover Halloween Candy

    Sure you can sit and eat all of your kid’s  leftover Halloween candy or you can make it into a delicious treat thanks to this recipe for Leftover Candy Blondies. Read on to see how easy it is to make this delicious Treat using leftover Halloween Candy.

    Leftover Candy Blondies: A Delicious Treat using leftover Halloween Candy

         leftover halloween candy blondies 

    I have an amazing neighbor Lauren, who always goes out of her way to do kind things for people around the neighborhood. When we moved in she brought us the sweetest cookies and letter welcoming us to the area. Whenever my daughter goes over to her house she always comes back with these amazing projects, baked goods and creations. She is a legit real life Pinterest mom with a heart of gold. 

    Every Wednesday a few of us get together along with Lauren for a mommy/ toddler/Preschooler playdate. It’s the one saving grace that keeps my sanity in check. It’s always so much fun to get together with other moms and just talk about life, our kids, etc.

    This is something I look forward to every Wednesday.  However, last Wednesday being the chaos that it was we had to skip the playdate and all had stuff going on . that being said Lauren surprised us all with a little package of baked goods that were out of this world. She made them for Halloween party she was going to with her little guy.

    These blondies were AMAZING and of course I had to get the recipe from her.  After the candy overload we had in our neighborhood last night I knew I need to find something more productive to make with all this candy. So taking the delicious recipe she used for Candy Corn & white chocolate Blondies and adding my special touch I created this delicious recipe.

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