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    7 Reasons 5 Kids are Easier than 1

    Although it’s a common thought having more kids is harder. Here’s a list of 7 Reasons why 5 Kids are Easier than 1. You may be surprised 😀
    reasons 5 kids are easier

    7 reasons 5 kids are easier than 1

    It never fails as I’m out and about with the 5 kids, I get the usual comments “Wow your hands are full”, “How do you do it?” ” My goodness you have 5 kids!” I’ve gotten so use to them they’re second nature. However, as I look back to the days when I only had 1 or 2 I realize how much easier my life is right now. I’m reminded on occasion when it’s just me and 1 or 2 of the kids.

    Granted we get out of the car easier when it’s just half of the group, but I’ve come to realize that more sometimes is better.

    So although there are a million reasons I could say why, here are the top 7 reasons why 5 kids are easier than 1.

    #1 Everyone is a Helper

    I’m raising the kids to be helpers.  My kids are always taught to help. Many hands make the job lighter. That doesn’t mean I give them the responsibilities of an adult. There are days they are more willing to help than others, but overall they do make life easier. Each one of my kids has a strength we use to make life easier. My oldest loves helping my husband outdoors so keeping our property clean has become easier for hubby because my 9 year old LOVES to help. My 2nd oldest loves to be organized and is constantly keeping up with her sister who isn’t as organized. Kids will be kids and there are days they are not as much in the mood to help. That being said life is easier when you when you run out of toilet paper or need a diaper for the baby.

    #2 Sharing is a Must

    We’ve never forced the kids to share ,because in essence that isn’t reality. However, when you have 5 kids someone always ends up sharing. Because they realize with 5 brothers and sisters around sharing is always a better option than not.

    #3 No one is ever bored

    Sure we’ll hear the phrase “I’m bored” uttered once in a blue moon but it’s usually in vain. These kids always find a way to have fun. Whether it’s playing outside or inside they always have a playmate.

    #4 Someone always wants to play with the baby

    Having a baby can be sooooo hard. Especially when you’re trying to get the chores done around the house. Thankfully there are always 4 other willing hands to play with 5.0 and he loves it!

    #5 The Snuggles

    Let’s face it hugs and snuggles are pretty delicious. All my kids have different temperaments , but there’s always one willing to satisfy my need for hugs and snuggles.

    #6 It’s always a party when we’re around

    My old neighbor always use to say her daughter loved coming to our house because of all the fun going on. It wasn’t so much that we were having a party but because with 5 kids there’s always excitement. Moving to a new city has shown me that, even though the kids miss their friends terribly having each other has helped not miss a beat.

    #7 The smaller ones learn things a lot quicker (This may be good or bad)

    When my oldest was 3 I could barely get him to turn the tv on. My now 3 year old can work an ipad and put on netflix to his favorite show without help from anyone. The ironic thing is I never taught him any of those skills he just picked it up from his older siblings. That can be good and bad, but it teaches you that your little ones will pick things up from their older siblings even when they aren’t taught.


    Life with 5 can be hard. I’m not going to lie. Having more than one child (or any) may not be for everyone.  There are days when there is too much chaos and screaming (because 5 voices are louder than 1 ). Sure, we may not be able to take that dream cruise I’ve been hoping to take for years, because 7 tickets aren’t in the budget. However, with the amount of love and fun we have in our home on a given day, I feel incredibly blessed having these 5 kids reminding me of the fun we’re having while doing this thing called life.

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