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    How-to Not Smell Like a Swamp: A Floridian’s Guide to Sweating

    Just because it’s summer doesn’t mean you have to sweat up a storm. Check out a fun guide on how-to not smell like a swamp: A Floridian’s Guide to Sweating.

    Living in Florida has a lot going for it from the beaches and theme parks to the festivals and events.

    The only downside of living there is how much you sweat. Although when summer hits, no matter where you live, chances are sweat is something that becomes the norm.

    You can dress down to a tee & shorts and still come home soaked after a long day outside. Worse is when you have to dress up — you just know there will be pit stains and greasy hair. It doesn’t help the frequent sun showers adds to the muggy-ness, either.

    You try caking deodorant and powders but it never seems to stop the sweat floodgates, does it? Then, you’ve got some of us with Hyperhidrosis (that’s the medical term for heavy sweating). Suddenly, business meetings and dates have you smelling like the local oyster shack.

    How can you beat the heat? What can you do to stop excessive sweating? Check these ideas out…

    Doubled-Up Daily Showers

    You know summer has hit when you’re increasing your grooming routine. Dried-up sweat clogs your pores making the next round of sweating even worse since your skin can’t breathe. Consider a short shower (2-3 min, cold rinse down) between your main scrub to freshen up.

    Don’t Ignore the Other Parts

    Your pits are a given (hopefully you’re using antiperspirant). But, don’t forget the other spots that’ll get clammy and moist. Clammy hands are the worst when going into a handshake. They’ve got wipes for Sweaty Hands that’ll block the moisture for almost a week, now (great for those business trips).

    You could also try powders in your nether regions to curb sweating, too. And, keeping a rag/wipes on hand to gloss your face will definitely help matted hair and runny makeup.

    Save the Spicy Chow and Drinks for Later

    Chowing down on some spicy burritos at your local beach bar, then washing it down with a margarita will get your body sweating. Keep those two for later into the night (happy hour!) when it’s cooling off. And, make sure you’re drinking plenty of water to stay hydrated.

    Swap the Cotton

    Pure cotton clothing is cheap, accessible, and one of the first recommendations you’ll hear about what to wear to beat the heat. But, it’s not really the best for the Florida heat (honestly). Consider merino wool for its anti-wicking properties so if you do sweat it’s drying vs absorbing into your clothes. Or, try a cotton blend with better airflow like what you’ll find in athleisure brands.

    Trim (and Don’t Crowd) the Top

    Pay the $10 to get a buzz/crew cut this summer, fellas. Or, try a short hairdo, ladies. Cutting a few inches off the top will do wonders for cutting down on excessive sweating. Also, avoid wearing hats since this holds in the heat (your head is a major spot where heat radiates) — so use sunblock and shades, instead.

    Try One of the Medical Solutions

    Believe it or not, Botox can help with your excess sweating because it “turns off” your body’s signal to start sweating. Though, if tightened skin and injections aren’t your things you can try an iontophoresis treatment which runs a small electrical current (in water) to “thicken up” your skin.

    Strategize Your Routine

    There’s not a whole lot you can do if you have hyperhidrosis. But, you can certainly cut out what’s exacerbating the excessive sweaty by fixing up your routine.

    A few suggestions are:

    • Walk the extra bit but get a great parking spot under the shade
    • Organize your day so you’re quickly in/out of locations vs idling outside
    • Carry around a personal fan or mini AC
    • Keep extra activities until later in the afternoon/night

    You don’t have to become a creature of the night but it certainly helps when you’re not under the beating sun all day. And, probably most of all — embrace it because we’re all sweating down here during summer.