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    Baby Sleep Tips To Help You Survive the First Year

    Every parent has a struggle getting some sleep when they have a new baby. Here are Baby Sleep Tips to Help You  survive the First year. This is a sponsored post on behalf of Gerber Children’s Wear. However, all opinions are 100% mine.
    Every parent has a struggle getting some sleep when they have a new baby. Here are Baby Sleep Tips to Help Every parent survive the First year.


    We’re all familiar with the phrase “Sleeping like a baby” but let’s face it as parents we all know most babies well, don’t sleep like babies. Frankly, the first few weeks they really don’t sleep at night like we wish they would. Being a “new mom” for the 6th time has made me appreciate sleep all over again because 6.0 hasn’t exactly been the best sleeper.However, slowly we’re getting him on track to a good night’s sleep. Babies are unpredictable and every baby is as different as snowflakes. However, there are some things that have helped me survive the first year. I’ve put together some tips to help tired and weary parents on the path to actually “sleeping like a baby”.

    1.Get with the Routine:It’s never too early to start with a routine. All children thrive with a routine. I’ve learned that the hard way with my 6 kids but it’s true. I’ve always been a free spirit when it comes to stuff but the one thing I truly try to stick to is a routine. Babies are no different. Establish a routine that will let them know  it’s bed time. From a warm bath to a baby massage, hair brush or snuggle time. Try to be consistent in keeping their nightly activities routine.

    2.White Noise is a must: Babies will wake quite easily at the strangest sounds and sometimes they won’t wake at all. So having a white noise machine or a fan on will help keep that constant sound so they don’t really focus in on what’s outside or in and can have a constant sleep. You can use a fan on medium or a white noise machine to help. A lot of baby cribs and sleepers include noise machines to help keep the constant sound as well.

    3. Night time feeding: I always make sure that my baby gets a good feeding in before bed. This helps make sure their little tummy’s are full and they aren’t getting up because of hunger. So if your little one cluster feeds during the day, maybe try to get them to get a good meal at night before bed.  However, there’s a balance to this. Most of the time babies will follow a cycle of waking up, then eating then being up for a bit just looking around and watching the world around them. Although many babies will “nurse to sleep”. Most will be up for a bit right after eating. This is when having the routine is important. Maybe feeding your little one after their bath and right before their “night time Massage” might help the baby to recognize once the fun is over, bed time is here.

    4.Wait a Bit. Sometimes we think just because a baby wakes up it means they are up. So we swoop in and wake them even more. Most of the time babies are just awaken but end up soothing themselves to sleep. Sometimes they’re still sleeping during some crying or babbling. Give them a few minutes before really rushing in you might be surprised to see they’re still sleeping.

    5. Don’t overdress or under dress. It’s important that babies are comfortable to the temperature around them and it may be tempting to over dress a baby. So keeping them dressed just right is important. That’s why I love Gerber  Sleep N’ Plays!  Whether we’re out  and about or he’s ready for bed these soft 100% cotton jersey fabric jumpers are the perfect way to send your little one off to dream land.

    The tabbed neckline adds even more comfort. The neck-to-ankle zip feature that makes changing and dressing much easier. The applique and embroidery details pair with coordinating colors to make these outfits fun! Best of all they’re  easy  to wash and dry making life simple for me!

    6.Give them time. Finally, it’s important to teach your little one to sleep on their own. This will take a while. I don’t believe in crying it out and you as a parent will know the balance. However, putting them in their crib or sleeper while still awake will give them some time to mellow out and fall asleep.This is something you should try to start when they’re a couple of months old. Teaching them to fall asleep independently will in turn help them as the grow to not need you to fall asleep. As a parent you’re always going to be there to comfort them but if they learn to sleep independently even if they wake at night they’ll learn to fall back asleep on their own, giving you the ability to sleep as well. 

    These are all tips that I’ve used to help me teach my little ones to sleep better. However, you know your child best and it’s important to discount any issues before following some of these ideas including reflux, wet diapers or hunger. However, if all their needs are met and your child isn’t suffering from colic or any other issues these tips should help you all get a better nights sleep.

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