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    Caramel Apple Pie Bombs : 5 Ingredient Breakfast Recipe

    These caramel apple pie bombs with pecans are the most delicious and easy recipe around. This 5 Ingredient Breakfast can be eaten any time of the day for a delicious, ooey gooey treat the whole family will love.  One bite and delicious caramel apple goodness will fill your mouth with deliciousness. 

    Caramel Apple pie bomb

    Caramel Apple Pie Bombs: 5 Ingredient Breakfast Recipe

    Fall is all about apples and pumpkins. However, I love apple desserts and I really don’t need it to be a specific time of year to enjoy apples. This breakfast recipe is one that everyone will love. However, it doesn’t need to be made just for breakfast. You can enjoy it with an afternoon cup of coffee or for a brunch treat.

    The flavors alone will be rich and full. One bite of this Apple pie bomb and all the delicious flavors will come gushing out. I promise this will be one fo the most phenomenal treats you will ever eat.  The crusty sweet roll that envelops a sweet and gooey filling is really amazing. 

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