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As always post 7 things you are thankful for that happen to you this week!
Sorry I didn’t post a SUNDAY SONG last week but I actually got hit with a nice case of Food poisoning which leads me to my first SUNDAY SONG:
1.I have to say I feel incredibly blessed because I have such a wonderful husband who took care of me and the kids last week while I was laid up with food poisoning. I know he was incredibly overwhelmed considering the kids can smell weakness but he did an amazing job!! Thank you Honey!
2. I am grateful because my son’s test results came back negative. Angelo passed out last week and we were worried it was something with his heart. The doctor feels that it was just a dizzy spell. HE had blood work and a few heart test done and everything came back fine. Thank you God for continuing to give us peace of mind with his heart!
3. I am grateful for the 1.00 cauliflower heads I bought yesterday! \o/ So happy! I spent the day blanching them and putting them in the freezer for later use. The best part they were MADE in the USA!
4.I am grateful for Pumpkin Coffee, this has helped me get through many a day this week especially when I was up with the Bummie for various reasons this weeek.
5.For a great week in business! I don’t thank God enough when we are blessed to be doing well with our restaurant. I see so many small business going under and I am thankful people like and support us. (Well most anyway,haha)
6.For my mom,Because whenever I need her I just pick up the phone and call! It makes me so glad and blessed that I have such a special woman in my life to call when the first thing pops in my head 🙂
7.For being alive and’s a given… but we never thank God for the little things!
Have a great week all,don’t forget to link up and share your blessings!!!

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