Sons of Cain : A Catholic Must Read Review & Giveaway

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You know when you begin reading a book and even if the world is falling apart around you, you can’t put it down? It’s not easy to come by those kinds of books because they have to be *that* great? Lucky for me that book found it’s way to me recently. That book? Son of Cain by Val Bianco

The book careful unfolds a plot by the demonic led Sons of Cain who already have control of Congress and the Presidency to take over the Supreme Court of The United States. However, with the help of Nick Reaper and his Knights of Longinus their plan becomes harder to carry out. Using powerful scenes incorporating Catholic Religion and trained Military strength this storyline makes for a page turner. Mr.Bianco did an amazing job at incorporating the Catholic faith fluidly through the story as well as carefully researching so many aspects of the book which after speaking with him turned out to be more fact than fiction.

For those that are Catholic this book will make you embrace your faith and give you hope that there is ALWAYS redemption in the eyes of God.

For those that are not Catholic, this book will give you a glimpse into some of the teachings and theology of the Catholic church mixed in with Adventure, suspense and a great story line.

What I found most amazing while reading this book was the reality of the story line,even though this is a work of fiction it had striking parallels to a lot of the issues we are facing in this country today.There are scenes in the book that had me in tears!  But I’ll stop with the descriptions here because I want YOU to see for yourself how amazing this book is!
I have been blessed enough to receive some copies from the Author and will be having a giveaway using rafflecopter. So enter to win one of 3 copies of the book!
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