How to Cut Heating Costs During the Winter

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Like it or not winter is here, check out ways you can cut heating cost during the winter and keep your money where it belongs, in your wallet!

How to Cut Heating Costs During the Winter

Dealing with the ever-rising cost of heating a home is a challenge for many people during winter. Many individuals and families struggle to find balance as they heat their home, all the while knowing if they crank the heat too high, they’ll pay for it later in the form of a high bill. Thankfully, there are ways this can be avoided with a little preparation. Learn more about what you can do to reduce your heating bill and how to winterize your home in preparation for the cold weather ahead. 

How to Cut Heating Costs During the Winter

Check Windows for Leaks

Windows are one of the most common areas where leaks can occur. You can check for leaks by looking closely at each window, and inspecting for problems such as cool drafts, moisture on the inside or outside of the window, or worn caulk. If you spot any of these problems, there are a variety of ways to fix the window, depending on your needs. You could put special plastic wrap over the window. This normally seals off the draft and protects additional cold air from coming through. Another option is to caulk where there are leaks, to stop the wind from coming through in the first place. Or, if you don’t have a lot of protection, you could do both. 

Protect Your Doors

Doors are another important area to target since heat can leak from them just as easily as a window. Consider using a draft stopper to keep the wind from entering underneath the door. Check and make sure the door is firmly in place. It might be possible to add an extra layer of protection near your door, especially if you have a stairwell that can harbor cold air. Using a blanket as a heavy curtain can help during the cold winter months when you need to reduce drafts as much as possible. This can help your house feel warmer, and make it possible for you to lower your heating bill

Find Ways to Reduce Your Need to Heat

Finding additional ways to reduce how high you crank your thermostat can make a big difference in your overall heating bill. Consider having a crockpot or baking at least once a day. You can turn the oven on and heat up your kitchen without turning on the heater. Other ways you can help your home stay warmer can include dressing in layers, using rugs on floors that are not carpeted, and turning the thermostat down when you leave the house for the day. 

Keeping your home warm during winter can seem like a daunting task. By taking the time to check doors and windows for leaks, you can effectively stop any drafts from coming in. Taking other small steps, such as turning down the heat when you are not at home and using the oven to double as dinner and heat can be another useful way of lowering the heating bill. These little steps, when combined together, can make a major difference in helping you stay warm. 

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