Garden trouble maker

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In the past few days we have noticed a little problem in our garden which in turn is starting to turn into a bigger problem. It started with the sweet potato plants and has now spread to the broccoli and parsley. What is the problem? Oh nothing more than missing leaves…literally. For the past few days we have noticed that those plants have become sticks. No longer basking in the glow of their beautiful leaves they are nothing more than sticks.
The Culprit:

Yes this sweet little brown friend is making a mess out of our garden. We found one hole which my husband covered with one of our kids plastic toys (I am guessing a Scare toy?) and the rabbit has not pushed it out of the way but somehow the pesky little critter has made it into the garden and somehow laughed in the face of my husbands fence. I for one think the little guy is cute, my husband on the other hand is starting to look up recipes for Rabbit stew. We’ve had a few suggestions from BB guns(which I AM NOT inf favor of) to Bone Meal..which we bought and will try, either way Let’s see what happens with this little pesky critter that has decided to make a bunny buffet out of our garden. I found it funny that as we were standing there trying to figure out what to do with the situation our bunny friend ran by, as in sheer mocking of the situation I told my mom this and she said oh he wasn’t mocking you,he was probably working off the yummy broccoli plant he had just eaten : /

Here are a few pictures of his handy work.

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