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    6 Tricks for Helping High Energy Kids Fall Asleep

    Do you have trouble getting your high energy kid to fall asleep? Check out 6 Tricks for Helping High Energy Kids Fall Asleep and save your night time sanity!

    Do you have trouble getting your high energy kid to fall asleep? Check out 6 Tricks for Helping High Energy Kids Fall Asleep and save your night time sanity!

    Helping high energy kids fall asleep

    Feel potty training and teething troubles a tough parenting job? Try making a high energy, overly enthusiastic kid fall asleep at night. If you too, have a kid that just isn’t tired enough to sleep even when it is way past bedtime, here’s some comfort your way.
    Keep reading to discover some of the most effective tips and tricks to help your kid fall asleep faster, and to bring you back from your ‘I can’t take this anymore’ parenting step!


    1.Establish a Bedtime Routine

    Establishing a bedtime routine is crucial for all growing kids, especially for children that have a lot of energy. Falling asleep at the same time everyday will ensure that your kid is not up late at night, and before you know it, he’ll already be drowsy if he’s not already asleep by his usual bedtime.


    2.Don’t Let Him Sleep During the Day

    Most parents tend to coax their kids into falling asleep for a few hours during the day- whether it is to carry on the household chores uninterrupted or just sneak in some peace and quiet, and it isn’t always bad, but if you’re doing it and your kid doesn’t seem to want to sleep at night, even when it is late, you know why.


    3.Limit Screen Time

    Exposure to blue light that’s emitted from most of our screens- computers, cellphones, tablets and the television, can literally disrupt your body’s sleep wake cycle, and if you don’t feel guilty about letting your child play some of his favorite games on the iPad for a couple of hours before bedtime, you need to re-think your priorities. If you do want to keep him engaged, instead encourage him to read- not on the Kindle obviously!


    4.Keep Nighttime Activities Calm & Soothing

    At least a couple of hours before bedtime, keep all activities calm and soothing. You can play soft music in the background, ask your kid to get his crayons out and fill up a page in his coloring book, or just take a nice, warm bath to calm things down. Also remember to avoid serving dessert right before bed- a sugar high is not what you want at that time.


    5.Diffuse Essential Oils

    Essential oils are highly underrated when it comes to creating a calm environment in your home. A mixture of lavender and lemon oil can work wonders, but just plain lavender oil works great too. If you don’t have a diffuser, you can always rub a couple of drops of the oil on your kid’s bed sheet and pillows. This will help  to relax the senses and get him/her in the mood to sleep.  You can also add this fun EpsonSalt Lavender soak to their bath for a restful night sleep.


    6.Make it Cozy

    An hour before bedtime, dim the lights, get your kid into his PJs and turn the temperature on the thermostat down- basically, create a comfortable and cozy atmosphere which will literally work like magic in helping your kid fall asleep faster. One thing that’s helped is having a good mattress. I noticed when my little dude got a new mattress it was a game changer. Check out how 5 little monkeys was a great option in our home.