Becoming A Medical Assistant

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Graduating from high school can be an exciting time filled with joy and happiness, but it can also be a stressful time for many. Graduating from high school means that you are not a child anymore and are an adult. Most teens graduate from high school and are 18 years old, but many have no clue about what they want to do with their lives. If you are the parent of a senior in high school, you have likely thought for years about what your son or daughter could do in their lives, but may have never told them. If your son or daughter is about to graduate high school you should help them decide what steps they should take after graduation. While many teens are thinking about their upcoming graduation parties and leaving their friends, they are all also thinking about their futures.

Becoming A Medical Assistant

If your son or daughter is still debating about what they want to do in their lives, you should give them the facts about how to become a medical assistant. A medical assistant is a great job to have for people who do not know what direction they want to go in their lives. You will receive great training and be able to work in many different areas of the medical field.

There are many benefits to becoming a medical assistant, including great pay, benefits, hours, good job outlook, and many advancement opportunities. Working in the medical field is sure to pay off. The career outlook for medical assistants is expected to rise 29 percent, which is much faster than other jobs. A medical assistant typically makes a great salary that can allow them to afford all of their bills, pay off their student loans, and get excellent benefits. The hours that most medical assistants work is from nine to five. This allows people to spend their weekends with friends and family and enjoy the comforts of a predictable work schedule. If your son or daughter decides to go to school to be a medical assistant, the job outlook is excellent and they should easily be able to find a job upon graduation.

Medical assistants also have great advancement opportunities. Getting your foot in the door as a medical assistant allows you to network with other medical professionals and understand more about the medical field. After a few years of experience, your son or daughter may decide to go back to school to seek more education so that they can become a certified nurse or a doctor. Getting to know the professionals in the field and getting a first-hand experience working with patients may light a spark inside your child.

If your son or daughter is unsure about the path they want to take after graduating from college, you can give them some information about becoming a medical assistant and help them understand where to start. To become a medical assistant, you do not need to go to college, but you will need to complete appropriate training. If you are unsure about the training that needs to be completed, you can talk to other medical assistants or talk to your school counselor. After you have had the training, you need to apply for certification. To earn your certification, you need to pass the CMA exam. Once you receive the scores of your exam, you can take your scores and your resume to your job interview. Medical assistant jobs are opening up all around the country, and the world, so you should be able to interview for jobs in any location that you want. The flexibility to move or stay where you are may sound very appealing to your son or daughter.

Earning your certification and getting the appropriate training can help you get a job and can help you make more money. Most certified medical assistants make about twelve thousand dollars more than non-certified medical assistants. It is definitely worth it to get the certification if you plan to keep a career in the medical field.

While working as a medical assistant, you are able to help doctors and nurses treat and diagnose patients. You are able to help save lives and treat many people who really need help. You would find great satisfaction in this career.

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