A Mother’s Battle

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Mother love is the fuel that enables a normal human being to do the impossible.

~Marion C. Garretty, quoted in A Little Spoonful of Chicken Soup for the Mother’s Soul

As a precursor to Mother’s day I thought I would share the following:O)
Every Saturday morning my mom does something that not a lot of people have the courage, time, or patience to do. She goes and stands outside an Abortion clinic and prays for the unborn. Whether she is holding a poster or praying the rosary she is doing her part to fight the Pro-Life crusade. She started doing this a while back and has started involving many members of our family. Unfortunately we live too far (many states away) to be able to join her on this battle. I find it amazing that she does this for so many reasons. Not just for the obvious respect for life that she is showing, but for the humility and love of those children she will never meet. I find what she does amazing. I am 100% Pro-Life always have been and becoming a mother has given me an even greater affirmation of the evil that is that of abortion. Yet, every Saturday when she is there she is spit at, cursed at, verbally abused and sometimes even threatened but she continues her battle all for Children who’s mother’s cant’s show them the same love and respect.
The reason why I share this isn’t because of how proud I am of the job she does (that goes unsaid), or to show off the example she sets in me. The reason I talk about this is because she is teaching me so much. She is teaching me to love even those that are the smallest and helpless and showing me that if she loves those children so much that she doesn’t even know, yet cries for when she knows their life hangs in the palm of a selfish mother’s hands, How much can she possibly love me? The daughter she did want. She isn’t just out there fighting a fight for those children, she is showing an unconditional love for all those around her because if she is willing to battle this evil and still come back for more than she is worth all the stars in the Sky. I know that God will take into account all she does, just as much as he will take into account those that fight her every step of the way. But what I am certain of is not only are those babies that are being prayed for better off because of her, but the world is a better place because she is who she is. I love you Mama. Happy Mother’s day!

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