Zookies Diaper Cover Review and Giveaway!

When I came across Zookies Diapers Etsy page I fell in love with the products and prints! So naturally I contacted Michele the owner and creative force behind Zookies diapers and spoke to her about trying out and reviewing one of her diapers as well as holding a giveaway. Right away she agreed and worked with me to find out what style,size and pattern I liked. She was incredibly approachable and helpful and got the diaper to me so quickly!

Michele is a Stay at home mom with a background in Education who established this business to give her the ability to stay home with her kids. So all her diaper and product sales go directly back to her family :) When she decided to stay home and raise her little cuties, she decided to put her talents into something she loves and I have to add is great at!

 Zookies doesn’t just focus on diapers but she also makes the most amazing:

Baby Sets
 Memory Games
Wet Bags

And much more!!

 I have been super impressed with her and her products. After receiving her product and having the opportunity to review it my expectations were not only met but superseded. Small business have a special place in my heart  not only because of  the struggles they go through but because of the incredible customer service you get working with a small business like ZooKies!

 Here is my diaper cover in “Carnival” pattern which came nicely presented!
Here is the diaper pre-preped and unfolded.

Inside is made of waterproof PUL

 Here it is post prepping. I washed it 3 times(I was prepping some other diapers) just to see how colorfast the diaper was and it looked just like it did when I received it.
I don’t use fitted diapers but use prefolds as inserts and tend to stick to mostly covers/folds. I do have quite a few pockets as well but it seems to be easier for me when I’m out to change out the insert than a complete diaper. ZooKies Diaper cover gives me the option that I prefer.

Once on Bummie you can see how well they fit. This one given to me was a size L and I think that she could use it for quite some time because it really fit perfectly and with room to grow :). 

Here’s a back view. Aren’t they super cute?!?! 

Here is a leg view of my little pumpkin.As you can see it has the perfect amount of tension to keep any mess in while staying comfortable on little legs:)

 Here is the bummie playing in our basement bounce house. She was there for quite a while bouncing and having fun. Even had a nice little “accident”which was contained very nicely inside the diaper.

Another Happy ZooKies Baby!

Now for the Giveaway!The winner will receive a custom cover (print choice, size, closure of their choice!) Just enter to win! Good luck! Make sure and check out all the great ZooKies products!!

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  1. Amylynn H says:

    She has too many cute patterns! I like the Superheroes print. I prefer applix because I get a better fit with it over snaps.

  2. Jessica S. says:

    I like apple of my eye in snaps.

    jsapalio at yahoo dot com

  3. Tom turkey in snaps! tristazmail@yahoo.com

  4. Jessica Knudsen says:

    I love the Giraffe Love Diaper Cover in OS. I prefer snaps but hook and look is nice for babysitters.

  5. JustCorey says:

    If i won I would want a OS hook and loop diaper but choosing a print would be tough.
    Maybe Route 66 or barnyard hullabaloo

  6. Elisabeth Trapps says:

    I love the apple of my eye snaps

  7. Ok I’m not sure how to post as Diary of a Faithful Mama…but I’m her lol!! 😉

  8. These are so cute! I just recently got into cloth diapering and would love to try a pair for my son!! I am scared to buy anything until I try it seeing as everything is so expensive for cloth diapering!!

  9. katie santiago says:

    I’d love The Robot diaper with snaps :)

  10. Tina Ledbetter says:

    I love her turtles print! And I’d get snaps, h&l is so much easier but it just doesn’t last as long….

  11. Libby Bloom Hunt says:

    I love The Gang in snaps. Thanks for the chance!

  12. I like the monkey and happy camper prints. I prefer snaps since my son is starting to undo the velcro on his diapers

  13. michelle hall says:

    If I HAD to pick haha, I’d pick either the tractor or the lady bugs. But I luv them all

  14. My Love is PINK Diaper Cover is one of my favorite prints she offers, and i prefer snaps while my husband prefers velcro

  15. I love the ladybug cover! I think I need it, uhum……I mean little lady needs it!

  16. Love bright bots, dinosaur stomp, giraffe love and monkey business! We have mostly snap covers (for longevity), but h/l is so much easier!

  17. Joannanuest says:

    I would love to try out a Zookies cover !

  18. Catie Russo says:

    My favorite print is Skullies, and I prefer snaps.

  19. Melody Wright says:

    i like the “my love is pink” with h/l

  20. marigoula k says:

    Can I enter? I love zookies!

  21. Rachel Clark says:

    I love the Monkey business

  22. Racheldowd07 says:

    I like the apple of my eye print with snaps!

  23. kim johnson says:

    I would choose the Going Bananas Diaper Cover in snaps.

  24. Veronica Sebrell says:

    My favorite pattern is Jungle Fever and I’d like h/l. Thanks for the giveaway!!

  25. CuppyCakes Diaper Cover in Medium/Snaps

  26. Shandy Patrick says:

    I LOVE the Santa diaper cover :) some other favorites (non Holiday) are the Beetles, Monkey, & the Jungle Babies on blue! too cute! Thanks for the opportunity to win one!

    shandy patrick

  27. I love the Apple Of My Eye OS in snaps! Thanks for the chance!

  28. Bonnie Rodriguez says:

    i love the monsters diaper cover! its so cute
    Bonnie Rodriguez

  29. Ali Peterson says:

    I love the Drive My Car in XS with hook and loop closure.

  30. Krystylwaechter says:

    Calypso is my FAV and I always prefer snaps –

  31. Carissa Fajardo says:

    Lady bugs is SOOOOO cute!! I’d love to win!

  32. mommytalk says:

    These are so cute! We’re new cloth diapering, but love it so far! We really prefer the cover system to pockets, so these would be perfect for our little man!

  33. Claude Campeau says:

    I love the remix print

  34. I’d LOVE to win!! She has such amazing prints and I love her covers! :)

    venturesofsahm at yahoo dot com

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