Keep Good Going For Generations

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Keep Good Going is about the idea of perpetuating the personal good that positively affects everyone in your life (your family). It’s the good you want to pass onto others you care about—in big or small ways—because you know how it can positively shape their life experiences.

In the “My Grandfather” video you see a story of a grandson connecting with his family heritage and roots inspired by the lessons he learned from his Grandfather and how those lessons can be carried on through the rest of his life and the next generation.

The Keep Good Going Life Lessons are welcome nuggets of wisdom and insight that are derived from life experiences. They are often simple, but always profound because they touch on the truths that hold life together. They are personal (not social or community) good, about you and those close to you. Many times when people are no longer with us we yearn to carry the life lessons we learned from them.

I remember as a little girl listening to My Grandfather tell me stories about growing up in Cuba, a country I've never been to. I loved hearing about the beauty that enveloped that misterious island. The stories of his younger years and the lessons that I got from all his stories are carried with me in my heart. As a parent now I know that I can pass these stories and life lessons on to my kids. It's in the keeping of this good going do we continue a legacy for our past and create one for our future.

Keep Good Going is  communicative of the good that continues in your personal life, and always tie back to New York Life and the products and services they provide. Learn more about how New York Life can help you and your family Keep Good Going.

What are some stories, traditions and lessons family members have passed on to you?

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  1. Julie Wood says:

    I really like this Initiative to teach our loved ones about our lives from the past. It is good to learn how our Grandparents lived to see how they came out of hardships and weathered the storm. We can learn a lot from them

  2. Marcia Lee says:

    One thing about Keep Good Going is that you could start the good in your family. If you do not have the heritage of “good” in your family, that shouldn’t stop you from being the example of good. Our children need all the good role models they can get. A way to be one is to take the opportunities that present themselves. Don’t lecture, but model. I appreciate my peers who help others, not by themselves, but bringing their children into the mix. You could help your children to write a short thank you note to someone who has helped them. Have them use the character qualities of the subject of their letter and teach them the definition of the qualities. Then when you are out, look for the qualities you taught the kids when they wrote their notes. It’s a small step of helping them realize that you value those qualities and hopefully your children will want to develop them in their own lives.

  3. I love this initiative. There is so much to learn from those who have come before us!

  4. Um? My great grandmother would tell me about her travels into the desert and the tribes that would take them on walks and show them carvings.

  5. I often heard stories about my father living in Chicago with his grandparents. They lived in a little apartment and would go outside on the porch and grab a chicken, cut its head off, and cook it. He would always tell me about all the amazing Puerto Rican food my great grandmother would make. I wish I would have asked him more about this time but he passed away two years ago.

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